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Portrait by KC Hui
I am Tom, and I love taking photos. I do all kinds of photography – landscape, products, etc – but images of people intrigues me the most. I am a freelance photographer, focusing on portraiture and people-related work (pre-wedding, wedding and event photography).

When I am not shooting, I design 3D stuff and listen to trip-hop. I enjoy watching sunsets, eating ice cream and just hang out with friends.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem and LinkedIn.

For collaboration, business opportunity, or just plain say hi:

Here are the people who inspired my art and made me into who I am:
Gita Design: Gita Vaysburg, a talented, caring designer who has that special witty touch.
Quite Curious: Paula Chang, equal parts of design, photography and culinary awesomeness.
Lineweights: The most dedicated and driven group of designers I've ever known.
The Tinkering Monkey: Mike Cheung, a lively designer who loves his pen as much as his wrench.
Caught in the Moment: Gerald Lozano. Distinct, eye-catching and elegant. What else you want from a designer?

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